Celebrating CAWEE's 50th Anniversary
Bridging School to Career


CAWEE President 1983-1984

Genevie Brown

What were the challenges you faced as a member of and as president of CAWEE?
Working with the State Department of of Education to keep them posted on our organization and the necessity for it. We finally hired Susan Stuart as a liaison for CAWEE with the legislature and State Dept. In some schools, ROP came in and took away our Work Experience job sites.

What interesting memories do you have of CAWEE experiences at conferences, meetings, etc.
All the networking was so valuable and we had excellent workshops.

What have you been doing since leaving CAWEE?
I transferred to the Claremont district office as coordinator of state and federal projects. I was also hired as a consultant at Hawthorne School District to come into compliance for federal and state projects.