Celebrating CAWEE's 50th Anniversary
Bridging School to Career


CAWEE President
2011-2012, 2018-2020

Gail Sims 


What were the challenges you faced as a member of and as president of CAWEE?

As a new member learning all the ins and outs of W.E.E., there were wonderful people, such as Bill Lipschultz, Gloria McGill, Susan Abate, Bonnie Barber, and Dr. Robert Thompson, he always reminded me too, that it was Work Experience Education, not just. W.E.E. and many more to help me through the process of developing a meaningful W.E.E. course. As President of CAWEE: The hotel we booked in Sacramento was on strike during our conference, we had to change locations for Work Permit training at the last moment. The CDE opened its doors and gave us a fabulous training room. Tom Torlakson, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, even came by to give a speech of support to CAWEE. The field trip to the CDE was a wonderful highlight that none of us will forget.

What interesting memories do you have of your CAWEE experiences at conferences, meetings, etc?

Very long CAWEE work nights with Robin, Patti, and now Mary Jo. Everyone works to make sure the conference is rewarding to all who attend. In the “old” days, the CAWEE board guys did a great job of event planning!! We are like a family. XO

What have you been doing since leaving CAWEE?

I have yet to escape!