Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport
October 3 - 5, 2018
Greetings from the CAWEE Executive Board, your guide to BACK TO THE FUTURE!  

Did you know there are 107 Back to the Future movie facts you should know on YouTube? Did you know there are equally as many facts you will know if you attend the Fall 2018 CAWEE Conference in Burbank!
The exciting program sessions are guaranteed to brighten your future with key tips and new ideas you can take directly to your classroom, and utilize to make your daily routine of creating work permits a legal breeze with out needing a "flux capacitor".  To add to the fantastic breakout sessions, our keynote speaker, is Michael O'Brien, "Attitude is Everything", and special guest speaker, A.G. Speake, owner of Doc Brown's Time Machines. 

Register now for the Fall 2018 CAWEE Conference; just follow the simple registration form. (Do it now while you are thinking about it.)

Book your Burbank Marriott hotel room too when you register for the Fall 2018 CAWEEE Conference.  You might want to stay an extra night (we have reserved the special discounted rate for the extra night too), as Warner Brother’s Studio, and Universal Studios are just a short drive.  We will soon put out an extended list of fun additional activities within the Burbank area, and share more details regarding the Fall 2018 CAWEE Conference program. 

Oh in case you haven't heard, CAWEE will have the actual Doc Brown's Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine on display at the conference!!!

See you in the "Near Future". 
Gail Sims 
CAWEE President