Work Permit Certification Trainings
Take Place at CAWEE's Annual Fall Conference 
and at various locations throughout the state.
With the able assistance of California Department of Education liaison, Erle Hall, CAWEE developed and refined a statewide Work Permit Certification Training program and now offers it to all school and other work permit issuers at every CAWEE Conference and Inservice, as well as at specific locations around the state.
Work Permit Certification Training is offered for a set fee as a pre-conference session at our annual fall conference. It will consist of several hours of lecture and Q&A, to be followed two days later by an open book exam. Results are announced by mail. Those who pass at 85% or better will be issued a special Certificate of Training signed by the CDE liaison, Erle Hall, and the CAWEE President. CAWEE will also send a letter of commendation to your school district informing them of your accomplishment. 
Those registered for the training must bring an unlocked, internet capable laptop or tablet with them, as there are multiple references to online resources, plus the need to access various internet sites. The exam is administered online at the site of training. Trainees are expected to be highly familiar with the internet and with their laptop or tablet.
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