Celebrating CAWEE's 50th Anniversary
Bridging School to Career


CAWEE President 1996-1997

Gloria McGill


What were the challenges you faced as a member of and as president of CAWEE?

Biggest two challenges: Getting support from districts to send WEE to conference and workshops. Second challenge was increasing or maintaining membership.

What interesting memories do you have of your CAWEE experiences at conferences, meetings, etc?

The good times at meeting, conferences, and the lifelong friends that are still part of my circle of friends. The fun the board had preparing for conferences. The years after retiring that I remained active as CAWEE treasurer.

What have you been doing since leaving CAWEE?

Taught computers to older adults at Modesto Community College for 5 years; active in various positions including president of Stanislaus County CalRTA.; active as treasurer on two homeowner association boards in Palm Springs.