CAWEE trains educators

on how to issue work certification for students so they can get a job while in high school. Our professional development tool is an invaluable resource.


EWEE is a combination of job observations and related classroom instruction in WEE.


GWEE provides students with a combination of supervised employment in any occupational field and classroom instruction.

Career Technical

CTWEE requires a worksite placement or employment related to a Career Technical Education course of study.

The California Association of Work Experience Educators (CAWEE) leads the way in supporting work-based learning professionals and students in grades TK-14 while educating all stakeholders on child labor laws and work permit compliance. CAWEE will continue to be the leader in promoting high-quality career readiness programs.

Work Experience Educators can become a CAWEE member take our training program - now 100% online! Learn about issuing work permits to students and how to create the ultimate work experience curriculum. Active CAWEE members will have exclusive access to the one and only CAWEE-endorsed training program. Register today!


from the CAWEE President.

February 10, 2023

California Association of Work Experience Educators


Jul 1, 2024


My name is Tim Riche’.   I am excited to take over as president of CAWEE.   This is my 25th year in education and I have taught everything from Video Production, English to being a Teacher on Special Assignment covering Work Experience.  The last 15 years covering Work Experience for Madera Unified have been some of the most rewarding experiences I have had in education.

CAWEE is changing leadership currently and we are looking for people that would like to engage the future of work related education.   If you share the vision and support our mission statement, please reach out to me on how you can become more involved.  We will utilize you in whatever capacity you are willing to help.

At the heart of our mission statement and our vision, it is about protecting children.  Our state is understanding the value of getting our students experience at greater levels in the workforce; it is more important than ever that we maintain levels of safety for our students. That people are reminded that rules are in place to protect the child and the business the student is going to. 

We must do everything to make sure our students are safe, on campus or off!

This year we are working on doing several mini conferences throughout the state and hopefully getting to put on some larger events next year.  We are also planning on updating our training and we hope to build an online place where people can ask questions.  Supporting our educators is what we are about.

Thanks so much for your interest and I look forward to meeting you. 


Tim Riche’

CAWEE President 2024-2025

Tim Riche' (Ree-shay)

Email: triche@cawee.org


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