CAWEE trains educators

on how to issue work certification for students so they can get a job while in high school.


EWEE is a combination of job observations and related classroom instruction in WEE.


GWEE provides students with a combination of supervised employment in any occupational field and classroom instruction.

Career Technical

CTWEE requires a worksite placement or employment related to a Career Technical Education course of study.

The California Association of Work Experience Educators (CAWEE) leads the way in supporting work-based learning professionals and students in grades TK-14 while educating all stakeholders on child labor laws and work permit compliance. CAWEE will continue to be the leader in promoting high-quality career readiness programs.

Work Experience Educators can become a CAWEE member take our training program - now 100% online! Learn about issuing work permits to students and how to create the ultimate work experience curriculum. Active CAWEE members will have exclusive access to the one and only CAWEE-endorsed training program. Register today!


from the CAWEE President.

November 4, 2020

Dear CAWEE Members and Associates,

I want to congratulate our new elected Executive Board.  We will be working very hard to assist all school districts in Professional Development and the importance of the CAWEE mission and protocol.  Our team includes the following dedicated individuals:

Vice President - James Ooton

Secretary - Monica Phillippe

Treasurer - Roseann Reynolds

Northern Representative - Susan Chrisco

Northern Representative - Heather Bolen

Northern Representative - Clark Carter

Central Representative - Tim Riche

Central Representative - Shirley Blanchard

Southern Representative - Ricardo Maldonado

Southern Representative - vacant

Southern Representative - vacant

Classified Representative - Dawn Marino

Board Clerk - Staci Leak

I wish you a happy Thanksgiving filled with abundance and bright moments. Thank you for your hard work day in and day out to serve the students of your school districts and make CAWEE stronger. Thank you for your generosity, your willingness to go above and beyond. 

Dr. Michael A. Esposito

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Who can issue and sign work permits for minors?

August 2020

Many who have attended CAWEE's Work Permit Training may already know, but for those that have not, please be aware that classified personnel can NOT sign work permits. We are finding many school districts are out of compliance and illegally having personnel signing work …

Why it's important for young people to have a part time job

August 2020

A young person’s teenage years are a great opportunity for them to grow and develop through new freedoms, like getting a driver's license and responsibilities, like getting their first job. While a teen’s primary job is to get good grades in school, taking on a part-time …


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CAWEE Training Program

CAWEE would like all members to complete this annually.  The program is a unique interactive training developed by several state and CAWEE officials.  The cost is $200.00 and includes your monthly newsletter, free admittance to regional meetings, ALL resources in the training program in which you can access at any time, a shirt, face mask, and your annual membership dues.

AB 98

AB 98 is set to make big changes in work permits under COVID19. The bill originally did not have anything to do with work permits but language was inserted at the behest of LAUSD in a newly amended version. During a period where school campuses are closed, full-time work permits can be handled remotely including the interview with the minor’s parent/guardian. During school closures, all work permits will not be denied due to grades, attendance, or grade point average and can be sent with electronic signatures and filled out over the internet. 

CAWEE Student of the Month

Andre Acosta - Valley View High School

Andre is a senior at Valley View High School and a product of the tremendous Work Experience program at Valley View High School, and is employed at Jack in the Box.  Andre is planning to attend Moreno Valley Community College and pursue a career in Law Enforcement.

Speed Bumps

The new training CAWEE training site has had a lot of activity in the last month, and we have had several completions; Congratulations! 

All of your schools run on different email systems, and some have listed the “Welcome” email with your account login information as “SPAM.” Please check your SPAM box and ask your IT departments to “Whitelist” all email coming in from “ cawee.ceuspace.com . “ if you do not know what this means, forward this paragraph to them, and they will know what to do. If the emails are going into your personal account, you may have to complete this yourself. I am willing to provide as much assistance as possible; email me at info@ceuspace.com . I can assist you with almost all training issues related to “Work Permits,” and if I cannot, I will get you the answer.

CAWEE Educator of the Month

James Ooton - Moreno Valley School District

James is one of the most passionate WEE Teachers in the entire state of California.  James is a 28 year teacher in Work Experience and has supervised hundreds of students over the years.  James is a stickler for detail and has developed numerous positive relationships with many employers in the Moreno Valley area, which in turn give his students countless opportunities.  His colleagues have commended James for his dedication to students and their career ambitions.

Do you know the risks and liabilities of ed-code and labor-code? CAWEE is a professional organization that specializes in work experience, internships and the legalities of work internships.

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