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The California Association of Work Experience Educators (CAWEE) will lead the way in supporting work-based learning professionals and students in grades TK-14 while educating all stakeholders on child labor laws and work permit compliance. CAWEE will continue to be the leader in promoting high quality career readiness programs.


Greetings from the CAWEE President

The season has changed to fall, and the school year is rapidly moving forward.  October is the month for youth employment as the holiday season will be upon us soon.  Thus it is time to put into action the skills and knowledge you learned at our annual CAWEE fall conference. Your Work Permit Certification will mean more to you now than ever before, as you create and sign work permits for your students.
Please continue to check the CAWEE website www.cawee.org often as we are adding materials from our October conference and other information to assist you.  Speaking of the 2019 fall conference, wow that was great!  Jim Johnson our keynote speaker catapulted our hearts with an inspiring story of driving determination. Susan Bonilla and Barbara Nemko certainly gave us incredible stories and facts supporting W.E.E. and C.T.E.   Past President Bill Lipschultz, one of the creators of CAWEE and Work Experience Education delighted our Friday attendees with the history of CAWEE and W.E.E.   Our sessions were filled with eager participants who gained knowledge regarding each workshop.  Cheers to all who attended, and please remember to sign up in the spring for our fall 2020 conference, as the last few years the fall conference has sold out.
Plan now to attend the 2020 CAWEE Fall Conference...October 6, 7, 8, 2020 at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa!  Watch the CAWEE website or your newsletter for details in the spring of 2020!
Wishing everyone a wonderful fall season, and thank you for being a CAWEE member.
Gail Sims
Gail Sims
CAWEE President

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CAWEE will once again be offering scholarships to any of your well-deserving Work Experience students who submit an application and are awarded…it’s almost that easy!!  All YOU need to do is:
  • Encourage your work Experience Education students to apply
  • Verify their eligibility to apply for our Work Experience Education student scholarships
  • To download the criteria information and the student application form ---  CLICK HERE
March 18, 2020– Student applications MUST be received by CAWEE by this date!
April 23, 2018 – Scholarship Winners will be announced!
Want to be a part of a wonderful organization and give back some of the talents you have as a Work Experience Educator?  It is time for CAWEE's annual election to the Executive Board for 2020-2022!
We have the following positions open:
  • Two Northern Representatives
  • Two Central Representatives
  • One Southern Representative
  • President-Elect
For the Nomination Form CLICK HERE!! 
For more information contact info@cawee.org.
Save the date for the 2020 FALL CAWEE Conference!
Plan now to attend the 2020 CAWEE Fall Conference...October 6, 7, 8, 2020 at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa!  Watch the CAWEE website or your newsletter for details in the Spring of 2020! Now is the time to get everything taken care of with your District … Register Early and Save $$$!
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